” Forged by Traditions – with a contemporary look”

In 2011 the foundation has been laid for Traditional Teak, a company born out of a question that could not be answered.

Chris Bachmann, owner and founder of Traditional Teak, was born in a small town in Austria where he received his carpentry training at a Traditional Tischlerei. It was at that time that his love for wood and his eye for detail grew. In 1988 his path brought him to the Netherlands to continue his journey with a respected company in the garden furniture branch.
For over 20 years he was responsible for purchasing, development and quality control at this well-known importer of garden furniture.

Traditional Teak is a young, fast-growing company committed to beautiful garden furniture and fair trade. The people behind this brand, besides Chris, have collectively more more than 30 years of combined experience in the world of outdoor furniture. Thanks to this experience, their enthusiasm and their love for the product Traditional Teak has grown to a company with many specialised points of sale in the Netherlands and internationally.

Traditional Teak designs and produces high quality garden furniture in-house, ensuring the craftsmanship and high quality of the furniture personally. By using stainless steel fittings instead of brass, for example. Not only does this give the furniture a more modern and elegant look, but stainless steel is also very durable and many times stronger than brass. The production is carried out in the old tradition, the slats are selected by hand and the mortise and tenon joints are fixed with wooden dowels.


Traditional Teak only uses the very best certified teakwood. Harvested according to the standards of responsible forest management. We comply with the strict standard of the FLEGT law, and in addition work with FSC® certified suppliers.

Traditional Teak does not stop at using certified wood…..

The FLEGT law and also the various labels do not include social elements such as working conditions, health insurance for employees, CO2 emissions by transport. 

Traditional Teak chooses its suppliers carefully by conducting personal research on site, especially focussing on the working conditions of the employees. Such as good protection, good tools, sufficient rest breaks, provision of meals, health plan for the employees etcetera.

We also monitor the correct kiln-drying process of the plantation wood.