Sunbrella® is founded on the belief that fabrics should be both beautiful and functional.
Sunbrella® has become widely adopted for shade structures, marine canvas and upholstery fabric for both outdoor and indoor applications.

All Sunbrella® fabrics are engineered to combine the highest level of design and performance, the fabrics are treated with a proprietary water and stain repellent finish that is designed to last for several years.

Sunbrella® is:

  • UV resistant
  • Water and staub resistant
  • Breathable
  • Mold resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
code description
CB120-SCushion for bench 120 cm
CB150-SCushion for back
CB180-SCushion for bench 180 cm
CB210-SCushion for bench 210 cm
CB245-SCushion for bench 245 cm
CM155-SCushion for Corner bench Maxima
ACM155-SCushion for bench Maxima 155 zonder 1 armleuning
ACM155-2SCushion for bench Maxima 155 zonder 2 armleuning
CM180-SCushion for bench Maxima 180
ACM180-SCushion for bench Maxima 180 zonder 1 armleuning
ACM180-2SCushion for bench Maxima 180 zonder 2 armleuning
CM215-SCushion for bench Maxima 215
ACM215-SCushion for bench Maxima 215 zonder 1 armleuning
ACM215-2SCushion for bench Maxima 215 zonder 2 armleuning
CBM100-SCushion for backless bench Maxima 100 cm
CBM180-SCushion for backless bench Maxima 180 cm
CBM167-SCushion for backless bench Moritz 167 cm
CMCB-SCushion for corner bench Maxima
CBL90-SCushion for backless bench Luna 90 cm
CBL202-SCushion for backless bench Luna 202 cm
CBW195Cushion for Wilhelmina Lutyens bench 195 cm
CBW262Cushion for Wilhelmina Lutyens bench 262 cm
CF47-SCushion for folding Chair
CC50-SCushion for Victoria stacking chair/ Maxima stacking chair – 50 cm
CRM123-SCushion for Recliner “Michelin”
CCM-SCushion for Maxima stacking chair
CCN-SCushion for Carlos Chair
CL200-SCushion for Lounger
DCL200-SCushion for Lounger Design
CD185-SCushion for Deckchair
DCD185-SCushion for Deckchair design
CBM40-SCushion for hocker Maxima
SBC-SCusion Sienna beachchair
CFB-SCushion for neck/back
CD45-SCushion decorative